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How It Works

Life Line™

In the deep dive, I'm going to take away the uncertainty and provide a clear pathway that will minimize risk and provide relief so you can focus your energy on your business. 

The compliance requirements in California were not made for small businesses and non-profits, but you have to comply. Mistakes can lead to an employee complaint to a government agency or to a plaintiff's attorney. Mistakes can lead to shutting down your business or non-profit. Life Line will be an in-depth session followed by a clear step by step prevention plan.


**Based on the Life Line, I will offer you the best Rescue package that fits your needs. Rescue packages will address your immediate compliance concerns discussed in the Life Line in addition to the Rescue package deliverables. The cost of the Life Line will be deducted from any Rescue package you purchase. 

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Rescue™ Packages


Rest easy knowing that I am protecting you. I listen to your concerns and walk you through the process. Whether addressing specific legal concerns about employees so they don't become a lawsuit or being proactive and preventing these concerns, are included in this Rescue. I implement the prevention plan fundamentals with the required and recommended policies customized for your business or non-profit, organizational culture, and the specific regulations required for your size, locale and industry. Often this includes a customized Employee Handbook for your employees and an integrated management practice guide that provides you with my voice for those ambiguous areas. 

Rescue +™

From the initial Life Line, I identify and execute what you need from start to finish for a fixed price, so you can focus on your business. Rescue + includes the deliverables from Rescue along with areas such as wage and hour analysis, strategy, and implementation, and employment-related agreements, such as non-disclosure and arbitration agreements developed for you to provide to your employees to best protect you and your business.

Rescue Pro™

With Rescue Pro, clients can breathe easy. Rescue Pro is the full compliance package that fits all your needs, and includes deliverables from Rescue along with additional services for clients that have additional or more complex compliance needs.

For most clients, the items may include the termination process, COVID-19 prevention plan in compliance with governmental agencies, implementing criminal background checks in compliance with Ban The Box laws and the myriad of federal and state laws to best protect you and your business. 

Examples of Package Components

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Management

I work directly with businesses to create COVID-19 management plans, protocols, employee trainings, and vaccination programs, and provide consultation in compliance with applicable regulations and government agencies.  

Employment Agreements

I analyze, negotiate, and prepare employment-related agreements including arbitration agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, independent contractor v. employee analysis and drafting of agreements, and negotiation and drafting of severance agreements.  

Employment Practices Audit

Unlike a Human Resources Audit by an HR Consultant, my audits are conducted by employment attorneys with the protection of attorney-client privilege. As I have expertise in legal and human resources, my audits will include a thorough compliance audit from both perspectives that will ensure peace of mind for your business. I specialize in Wage & Hour Audits as a proactive measure, leveraging my past experience partnering with other law firms and their clients during litigation.